0121: I blew up at my class. Friday’s are for Humility #teaching #education #humanity #EtherSec

by educatedtodeath


I blew up at one of my classes today. I made quite the ass of myself. I yelled until I could feel my face flush, and feel my pulse in my temple. It was ridiculous, sophomoric, and non-cathartic. Sure, I have been sick. Sure, I had a headache. Sure, they refused to comply. They, my class of 7th and 8th grade girls were being ridiculous. They’re capable and have not been living up to it. To top it off I got in a yelling match with one student. After what seemed like an eternity of ass-ery, I had them sit down and proceeded to deliver punitive notes for some impending punitive test. The notes largely consisted of definitions pertaining to music, all terms were in French or Italian.

I made an ass of myself. I went to the office immediately after class to confess. I simply told the principal I over-reacted and stated what I stated above. Maybe I hoped for a reprimand. Rather, I got a simple, “I understand”. So, what’s my course of action? This isn’t the first time I’ve overreacted, and it certainly won’t be the last. In the past I’ve apologized for flying off the handle, and I will do the same tomorrow. We’ll probably take our punitive test, and discuss today’s tomfoolery. I
am a teacher. I am a professional. And, I certainly am a human. It’s important that I own up to my mistakes. Humility toward a class of adolescents is deeply important. They must know that teachers are human. It would never suffice to let this pass, or to hide it, or deny it. It would break trust. It would be outside of the bond required for authentic teaching. I will do better. I will be honest. We, as a class, will move forward together. No One, me included, left behind.