0120: Title I Masters of Savoir Faire #education #humanity #occupyedu

by educatedtodeath


My students can give me Hell from
time to time. They’re middle school/Jr. High kids. We carry a lot of baggage into the classroom. We had a guest come in to audition them for an advanced choir, a possibly an opera camp. Keep in mind this is no arts school, we’re Title I, free lunch, and are situated in a Hell of a neighborhood. These kids struggle. We struggle.

They each delivered an impressive performance. Not impressive for them, or for their situation, just impressive. They’re badass kids. Beyond that they exercised the finest savoir faire, rivaling any junior league prick— mine can fight better too. I don’t take much time gloating, but I will today. I’m proud of my students. They are mastering their worlds, they’re learning to maneuver social classes. They are becoming masters of themselves.