0103: The Impossibility of Standardized #Student Centered Learning

by educatedtodeath

#education #lexicon #doublethink

Student centered learning cannot exist in a system that is based around a standardized test. “Student-centered” is a relatively old buzzword that is still used to evoke some feeling of benevolence among teachers. It’s a motivation technique that requires great skill at doublethink. We are to somehow motivate the learners into believing they want to learn the standardized curriculum and then do well on the test. We are given the task of making the oppressed believe that the oppressor has their best interest at heart. Student centered learning is impossible if it is not directed by learners needs and guided by their curiosity. Student centered learning requires classrooms to function as small democratic organizations where the teacher is the facilitator of discussion and maybe intervenes ever so slightly when an impasse is reached. Please don’t allow yourself to be confused by the lexicon of public education. Student centered instruction does not exist if knowledge is deposited into the learner. Our standardized education is quite authoritarian. Freedom within the system is an illusion. Surely, that does not come as a surprise. There are false choices. We can choose between a few very similar pedagogical methods. We can even conjure various methods of creativity to spice up a lesson. Regardless of technique the desired outcome is the same. We are all working toward the same outcome. We all work at the same pace. We all produce the same ill-formed sprocket, at least that’s the intention. If we we turn our eyes to the human instead of the sprocket, there will be dire consequences—reprimand, the label of ineffective, dismissal, etc. Is it possible to nurture the human and produce the sprocket? Can we create a conscious sprocket? What can we do? We must stimulate learning where we can. We must engage in parallel curriculums, that is we must allow and promote student curiosity. We must bother with things that don’t even come near the prescribed curriculum. Teach your test if you must, but for God’s sake chase rabbits.