0102: Stop Abusing Veteran Teachers

by educatedtodeath

#education #edreform #agism

Over the past year or so I’ve noticed an increase in improvement plans among veteran teachers. These have been skilled teachers with a record of providing quality education. Many of these teachers serve as advocates for students, teachers, and public education. These are people who have given their lives to educating children. They are being harassed at the end of their careers because they cost the district a little bit of money, but that is not the story told to them. They are called ineffective, poor classroom managers, out of touch, among other things. Harry Wong and Marzano texts are being handed out to these teachers to help them “improve”. These teachers feel eyes upon them at all time. There is recourse for their every indiscretion, from arriving a minute too late to sending a child with severe disciplinary problems to the office. These teachers emerge from an era when administrators were to be trusted only to find their once trusted boss is laying the groundwork for their dismissal just before their retirement. Difficult students are placed in their rooms. They receive no help. They are stripped of every ounce of dignity they have. Their careers will end in obsolescence and strife. They are not supported.

But, is this actually because they are obsolete? Surely not. These teachers have endured the span of modern public education. They know what they’re doing. They have committed and they’re being pushed out. This is not to say that all veteran teachers are good teachers, some are not. There are many ineffective, bad, low-quality, whatever you want to call them, teachers, but this certainly is not all teachers. The unfortunate truth is many veteran teachers are being abused simply because they cost the district too much. They don’t cost the district more than they’ve earned, they have done what they were supposed to do for years. They’ve stuck with it. The districts just don’t want to pay them, and they certainly don’t want to pay them their retirement. It’s a problem. It must be stopped. Share your stories with newspapers, in blogs, wherever. People need to be aware.